dynamic res

Travel technology to give your sales team a competitive advantage.

Focus on Travel Agents

Dynamic Res has been designed and built to exclusively focus on the needs of travel agents, leaning heavily on our own hard-earned industry experience.

Dynamic Res is built by agents, for agents.

Get More Done

Do you spend too much of your time building itineraries and producing quotes?


Do you have to copy ugly GDS text into customer emails?

Sick of trying to find that email from your customer so you know what you need to do?

Are your quotes to customers written on compliments slips or brochures?

We have a solution for you!

Simple Solutions for Real Problems

Simple Setup

Switching to dynamic res is easy, and we provide in-product support to all our users.

  • Get started in minutes, not days or weeks
  • Manage all your staff, brands and store locations from a single account
  • Everything based in the cloud, no more servers

Trip Builder

Putting together itineraries for customers is time-consuming. We’ve made it easier

  • Copy & paste from GDS
  • Search against our vast property list for quick entry
  • Search for hotel availability from your suppliers (coming soon)

Simple CRM

Get a single unified CRM, even for multiple locations. Get insights from your customer interactions

  • Manage direct customers and agency customers, including commissions
  • Get insights into enquiries and bookings
  • Get the info you need when you need it

Visualise your Leads

Knowing who to get back to and when can be hard to track. We’ve made it simple.

  • Get immediate visual update of what stage each enquiry is at
  • Track your open, closed and booked leads
  • Easily see what enquiries have the highest profit potential

Sales Managers

  • Overview your entire teams activity and progress
  • Set individual targets for staff
  • Sell multiple brands from one account
  • Track enquiries through followup stages
  • Improve conversion rates with insights and focus

Sales Agents

  • Quickly assemble and present personalised quotes
  • Track your own targets
  • Get insights into what quotes to follow-up on to reach targets
  • Quickly access up-to-date customer info